Class Schedule

Funke Fired Arts is excited to offer eight and twelve week classes in handbuilding, wheel throwing, sculpture and glass!  Find the class that's right for you.  Running dates and times are listed below the class title.

Fall 2015

  • 8 week session:  August 17th - October 11th
  • 12 week session: September 14th - December 13th

Intro to Handbuilding

Mondays / 8 weeks, August 17 - October 5 / 6:30 - 8:30 with Bethany Kramer/ $240

This program is great for anyone from a true beginner to throwing students looking to get off the wheel and try something different for a while.  Learn the basics of how clay behaves through rolling, stacking, and blending coils.  Discover what you can make the clay do at various stages of dryness through working with both soft and hard slabs.  You will also have the opportunity to work with molds, the extruder, and studio glazes.  Clay and tools included.


Intro to Wheel

Mondays / 8 weeks, August 17 - October 5 / 6:30 - 8:30 with Jamie Grauvoel / $240
Tuesdays / 8 weeks, August 18 - October 6 / 6:30 - 8:30 with Angela Belcher / $240
Sundays / 8 weeks, August 23 - October 11/ 1:00 - 3:00 with Marjorie Bledsoe / $240

Begin your clay experience with a fun and exciting challenge on the potter's wheel. It's not as easy as it looks on T.V. but we know you can do it with the help of our skilled teaching staff. You will learn to create cups, bowls, and plates. Remember, the more you practice the better you get, so use your free studio time.  Clay and tools included.


Intro to Kiln Glass

Tuesdays / 8 weeks, August 18 - October 6 / 6:30 - 8:30 with Phil Taylor / $250

This class will teach you the basics of fusing, casting, and slumping so you can make your own works of art out of glass.  We will teach you about glass selection, mold making, kilns, firing schedules, and annealing.  While woking with the materials in class you will learn how to cut glass, design projects, and how to incorporate your glass creations into your other artwork. Glass included!


Polymer Clay

Mondays / 8 weeks, August 17 - October 5 / 6:30 - 8:30 with Marjorie Bledsoe / $250

Learn the basics of working with polymer clay while exploring color, texture, and design.  Students will learn how to make different shapes and sizes of beads, along with decorative layering techniques such as millefiori and mokume-gane.  Take what you've learned and design your own piece of jewelry or tile piece that you'll work on at the end of the session.  Polymer clay and shared class tools included.


Handbuilding 2

Mondays / 8 weeks, August 17 - October 5 / 1:00 - 3:00 with Chrissy Trout / $240

This intermediate to advanced level handbuilding class will focus on taking your forms to the next level.  Emphasis will be placed on proportions of forms and finishing techniques wile students work on self directed projects.


Handbuilding 2: Altered Slabs

Wednesdays / 8 weeks, August 19 - October 7 / 6:30 - 8:30 with Chrissy Trout / $240

Let's stretch the boundaries of what we can do with slab built forms.  We'll play with darts and different patterns.  We'll experiment with stretching, cutting, and paddling the clay into different shapes.  The results will be unique and dynamic forms.  Come to class ready to PLAY!


Wheel 2: Technique

Wednesdays / 8 weeks, August 19 - October 7/ 6:30 - 8:30 with Michael English/ $240
Thursdays / 8 weeks, August 20 - October 8 / 10:00 - 12:00 with Ben Clark/ $240
Saturdays / 8 weeks, August 22 - October 10 / 2:00 - 4:00 with Tony Weiss / $240

So you can center some clay and make some basic forms; now let's see how far you can push those skills! This class will strengthen your foundation techniques and get you comfortable with most wheel thrown forms. We will also cover new shaping techniques and surface decoration. Our goal is to make you a better potter while having as much fun as the law allows. Must have taken Wheel 1 or similar experience.


W2/3: Food & Pots

Tuesdays / 8 weeks, August 18 - October 6 / 6:30 - 8:30 with Bethany Kramer / $240

Good pots have a way of bringing out the color and character of food.  In this class we will study this relationship.  Each student will pick a recipe and then work on a design for a serving or cooking vessel to compiment that dish, creating several options along the way.  Students' final pieces will be photographed both with and without the complimentary cuisine and on the last day of class we'll have a feast!  Must have taken Wheel 1 or similar experience.  


Wheel 3: Dynamic Surfaces

Thursdays / 8 weeks, August 18 - October 6 / 10:00 - 12:00 with Ben Clark / $240

This class will be an eight week workshop in texture and layering.  We will work with four basic forms and countless tools to create a surface with depth and energy that compliments the form.  Ben has been known to use beer bottles, golf balls, pop cans, bottle caps, weeds, 2X4's, and countless other things to texture his pots and sculptures.  You'll never look at a bottle the same way again!


Wheel 3: Grab It

Wednesdays / 8 weeks, August 19 - October 7 / 6:30 - 8:30 with Ben Clark / $240

Ben knows you hate to make handles because you haven't spent the time practicing.  Well, here is your cance to get all of that practice done in one session.  This class will FINALLY make you confident enough to put some good attachments on your pots! YOU KNOW YOU NEED TO TAKE THIS CLASS.  Lug handles, mug handles, pitcher handles, pulled and extruded handles, and everything else will be covered in this class.


Wheel 3: Tea; Explorations in Form, Functionality, and History

Thursdays / 8 weeks, August 20 - October 8/ 6:30 - 8:30 with Michael English / $240

In this class centered around the thousands of year old beverage, students will explore different forms that have been used for tea consumption for thousands of years.  Cups and saucers, tea bowls, teapots, and mugs will all be covered.  Warm up during every class this fall with a cup of tea!


Sculpture for the Home

Wednesdays / 8 weeks, August 19 - October 7/ 6:30 - 8:30 with Hannah Ahern/ $240

Hannah Ahern is one of our talented new artists-in-residence and she wants to make sculpture approachable for everyone.  Sculpting may sound intimidating, but it is something that anyone can learn and do beautifully.  The class will focus on sculpture making that you can decorate your home or garden with.  Some of the projects will include wall hangings, bookends, figurines, accents and more. 


Advanced Painting with Glazes

Thursdays / 8 weeks, August 20 - October 8  / 6:30 - 8:30 with Laurie Wright / $250

This course will focus on the individual development and education suitable for the individual student's painting aspirations  We will enhance painting style and technique on clay surfaces.  Bisqueware will not be included, so clay pieces from previous classes, or made in the first few weeks of class will be your canvases.  Acces to the Pottery Painting Studio's Stroke and Coats is included.  Must have taken Painting with Glazes with Laurie or How to Glaze with Chrissy to qualify for this class.  Let's explore the wonderful world of surface on clay!


Pallet Furniture

Thursdays / 8 weeks, August 20 - October 8 / 6:30 - 8:30 with Kirk Mayhew / $255

Hey DIYers!  This is an experimental wood-working class, think industrial chic. We will be taking apart high quality pallets in order to build small indoor items.  End tables, foot stools, or chairs are only a few possibilities. Bring your own electric sander, sandpapers and stains.  Basic hand tools will be provided. Class fee will cover masks, studio clamps, glue, and polyurethane.


Advanced Sculpture

Saturdays / 12 weeks, September 20 - December 12 / 2:00 - 4:00 with Kirk Mayhew / $350

Kirk will assist students through self directed projects and seek to enhance their understanding of sculptural forms.  Surface experiments will help round out student's further experience.  You must have taken at least two sculpture classes, or similar experience, to qualify for this class.


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